10 Most Popular Cast Members, Ranked by Instagram Followers


Popularity these days is often ranked by social media status, although this is not always the case with celebrities. While some adopt social media services like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok, others prefer to stay out of the limelight.

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Given these personal choices, sometimes the most active actors on social media aren’t the ones who are the most popular on a TV show or in the movie world. When it comes to the series Lucifer, the actors with the largest social following on Instagram, and those with the smallest, might surprise fans.

11 Rachael Harris – 845,000 followers

Although he has also appeared in other major series, such as Suit, Rachael Harris, who plays Dr. Linda Martin, has the lowest number of followers among the core cast members. That said, she’s still close to a million which is pretty impressive. And she actually ranks sixth in terms of Instagram followers among the cast members of Suit.

She is also active on the site, having published over 1,200 articles to date, including promotions for Lucifer, personal photos, press articles, and more. His biography also refers to The shop, a free grocery store that operates all year round to help the most disadvantaged.

ten Kevin Alejandro – 892,000 followers

Detective Dan or, as Lucifer likes to call him, Detective Douche, is second to last in terms of Instagram followers, though he’s also quite active with over 1,100 posts. He too promotes everything Lucifer but also mixes up some personal photos, including lots of selfies.

He also actively encouraged people to go out and vote during the election period and published articles on other actor projects. There are also some stunning blacks and whites among the lot.

9 Tom Welling – 1 million subscribers

You would think Superman himself – Tom Welling played the superhero character in the long series Small city – would be one of the most followed actors in the cast, as he was one of the most prominent actors when he played Marcus Pierce in Season 3. But alas, he doesn’t rank very well.

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Part of this could be because Welling isn’t really involved with the site that much. The fact that he has a million followers after posting just 28 times is pretty impressive. His posts are mostly personal and give a good insight into his real life.

8 Tricia Helfer – 1.1 million subscribers

The Canadian actor who has duplicated both as Charlotte Richards and the Goddess of All Creation in the series is quite active on Instagram with over 1,600 posts. It is followed by some big names in the trade, such as The walking deadIt’s Greg Nicotero.

The actor, who also appeared in the series Van Helsing, posts a mix of things, from personal photos to selfies, memes and a few cat photos.

7 Scarlett Estevez – 1.2 million followers

Little Trixie isn’t that small, as the photos from the 13-year-old’s account show. Estevez may only be a teenager, but she’s already racked up some serious credits, including in the movies daddy’s house and Daddy’s house 2 as well as the Disney series Superimposed.

She posts lots of interesting photos of herself in various places and poses, as many teens do nowadays. Some throwback photos remind fans how much she’s grown over the course of the series.

6 Inbar Lavi – 1.3 million subscribers

Known as the upbeat, sweet and fiercely wild Eve by fans of Lucifer, Lavi might also seem familiar with her lead role in the series. Impostors. With over 1,000 Instagram posts and following as many accounts, Lavi shares beautifully posed photos that showcase her personality.

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There are also screenshots of news articles, including a recent one confirming her casting in the psychological thriller. Vronika. In addition, it sprinkles here and there a few inspirational quotes, memes or images.

5 DB Woodside – 1.8 million subscribers

Amenadiel himself, Woodside has an impressive resume beyond LuciferSo it’s no surprise that it ranks in the top five for Instagram followers. Some of his other more notable credits include Costumes, Single Women, Parenthood, and, of course, as Wayne Palmer (possibly President Wayne Palmer), where he ranks among the top presidents featured on 24.

Woodside posts numerous images promoting Lucifer as well as political messages and very powerful quotes. He has only posted 616 times, so having as many followers as he can see from the popularity of the actor and the character.

4 Aimée Garcia – 2.6 million subscribers

Aimee Garcia, who plays the adorable Ella, one of the most endearing characters in Lucifer, was another actor who joined the series with already very big credits to his credit, especially in the sitcom Georges lopez, on the period drama Vegas, and in a small role on the Showtime series Dexter.

Promoting her production company on the site @scrappyheartproductions, she also refers in her biography to a report that confirms her casting in the second season of the Hulu series I woke up. His posts include photos and more Lucifer as well as other projects.

3 Lesley-Ann Brandt – 3.1 million subscribers

Fans might be surprised to learn that Brandt, who plays the sleek Mazikeen, has the third-highest following among the core cast members. Before landing this role, the South African actress appeared mainly in television series in New Zealand, so she was not really known in North America. She first appeared on the radar, however, after playing the role of Naevia in Spartacus blood and sand.

She maintains her constantly updated account with almost 4,000 posts to date, including photos of all kinds, including many of her daughter and other friends and family.

2 Lauren German – 3.6 million subscribers

Unsurprisingly, the lead actor ranks in the top two among most Instagram followers among the cast. What’s more interesting is that, true to his character of Chloe, German apparently doesn’t have much of an interest in social media anyway. She has posted only 331 times and is not following anyone on the site.

Still, she has a lot of people who are interested in seeing what she posts, though, which mostly includes selfies and lots and lots of dog photos.

1 Tom Ellis – 9.8 million subscribers

It’s no surprise that Lucifer himself, the show’s main character, has the most followers, by far: he almost triples the German who is in second place, approaching 10 million.

Beautifully, he uses the platform to promote the Great Ormond Street Hospital children’s charity in his biography, for which he is an ambassador. Her posts, meanwhile, focus mostly on Lucifer, but there are also plenty of fun photos and promotions for partnerships, like with sustainable clothing brand Super Human. He also released a note in February 2021 stating that other accounts people could follow without the “verified” blue check mark are not his official accounts. “Please use your common sense on the Internet,” he urged.

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