14 Illegal Online Lottery Sites Get URLs Blocked

Cambodia’s telecommunications regulator (TRC) blocked 14 internet domains that ran illegal gambling sites in Cambodia and one that offered bogus visa applications for Pakistan.

In a press release seen by The Post on Feb. 17, TRC said it had previously blocked 25 other domains that operated illegal lotteries.

“We will continue to cooperate with the national police, relevant authorities and all telecommunications operators to eliminate all areas that offer online gambling or lottery services – both of which are against the law,” he said. he declares.

The TRC said the government’s August 2019 circular strengthened enforcement against all types of foreign online gambling and betting services, as well as websites that contribute to threatening security or privacy. public order of the Kingdom.

Pech Pisey, executive director of Transparency International Cambodia, said on February 17 that unlicensed lotteries and gambling are causing many problems in society and affecting the livelihoods of many people. Enforcing laws that shut down websites like these was positive action, and his organization fully supported it.

He said lottery games were very popular in Cambodia, even in the smallest and most isolated villages. Not only did gambling cause people to lose money, but it sometimes posed a threat to public safety.

Pisey added that some people were willing to save their money for the lottery but would not spend it on daily necessities. Others play the lottery until they run out of household items because of their addiction.

“Most lotteries are not very transparent and it is often difficult to know what the odds of winning are. They can have serious effects on the people who play them and on society. A person who becomes addicted to lottery gambling may even commit theft to fuel his addiction,” he said.

Domain names hosting lotteries included minhngoc.com;




minhngoc.vet; minhngoc.casino;

minhngoc.bingo;minhngoc.website; vina24h.com; and vina 24.net.

Separately, TRC identified the fake visa application site as pakistanvisaonline.org.

The TRC called on the public to report any domain name offering online gambling, illegal lotteries or child pornography in Cambodia by calling its hotline 6789 during working hours or via its Facebook page “Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia “, noting that she will maintain confidentiality.

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