AI Lawyers Demanding Links, Google Not Stealing Content, Old Bingbot, Google URL Parameter Tool & AdWords API Gone & More

This week, in a search, a reporter discovered that sketchy SEOs were inventing fake lawyers using AI to send bogus DMCA requests demanding links to their sites. Google was accused of stealing content and not crediting this source for that content, well, it turns out Google was the one being copied, not the other way around. The Google Search Console URL Setting Tool is now officially offline. Microsoft is completely retiring the old Bingbot user agent in fall 2022. Google Search Console had a bug where the average position metric was missing in the performance report, it has been fixed but this bug caused a ton of fear. Google now allows you to remove personally identifiable information from Google Search. Google will launch signed exchanges for desktop Google Search for select sites. Google video results can now show you your question as answered in a video. Microsoft Bing’s Ethical Buying Center is now live in the United States. Google Business profile added products to performance metrics reports. Google has reduced the visibility of changes it makes to your business’s local listings. Google Maps is asking local guides to update their old reviews. Maximum Google Ads performance has achieved customer acquisition goals, new analytics reports, and a one-click upgrade tool. Google Ads API released version 10.1, then officially retired the old Google AdWords API. Google has updated the Google Merchant Center product data specifications for 2022. Google has added nine rules to the system based on Google Ads disclaimers. Google Search tests images on the left side of search results. And an SEO built an AI-based John Mueller named MuellerBot which is pretty good and really funny. And if you want to help sponsor these vlogs, go to It was the news of search this week during the roundtable on search engines.

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