Alpha Resource Center opens a new donation center

Donations are now being accepted at La Cumbre Plaza for Alpha Resource Center thrift stores. The new donation center opened in the former Sears Automotive Center in the Santa Barbara Mall.

The Alpha Resource Center on Wednesday moved its donation center from a tent at its main campus on Cathedral Oaks Road to a building in La Cumbre Plaza.

The new donation center is located in the former Sears Automotive Center at 3845 State St., Santa Barbara.

“It’s great for donors to be able to come in and out. It’s a loop in and out,” Caleb Nerstad, senior director of operations at the Alpha Resource Center, told News-Press on Thursday.

“At the previous location, it was quite a quagmire, especially with trucks,” Mr Nerstad said.

Caleb Nerstad, senior director of operations at the Alpha Resource Center, said the new indoor donation center will be able to handle more donations than the previous outdoor tent at ARC’s main campus.

He noted that the new location means a smoother process for donors.

“It’s a convenient location off the 101,” he said. “The new location is the perfect size and floor plan. There is less fire risk and less crowds,”

“The old distribution center was located on the main campus on Cathedral Oaks Rd. east just off 154 west, and it was down the ravine. It wasn’t very visual,” he said. “So unless you’re looking at it, you’ve never noticed it in passing.

“The new location is much more visual and has a lot of foot traffic,” he said. “Also, the news is spreading pretty quickly in Santa Barbara. We share the parking lot with the AirBus from Santa Barbara. I met with representatives yesterday to discuss traffic flow,” Nerstad said.

A sign points to the new Alpha Resource Center donation center.

He said the donation center receives donations Wednesday through Sunday, but within a month it will receive donations seven days a week.

Mr. Nerstad said the new location will prove to be great for the Alpha Resource Center and its donors. He explained that the center will be able to process more donations in the large indoor location than it could in its previous outdoor tent.

The Donation Center, which occupies the former Automotive Center, is not the only feature of the former Sears store.

“We have a lot of corporate support down there, like Mattress Mike,” Mr. Nerstad said. “I think it will be a good place. I’m just so grateful that it happened. It is truly a blessing to have this opportunity, and the end result is the people she supports. It’s a win everywhere.

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