Author EA Samuels’ new audiobook “The Triangle Route” is an autobiography detailing the life of a Jamaican immigrant as one of the Windrush Generation’s early arrivals to the UK.


The recent release of AUDIOBOOK “The Triangle Route: The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Man” from Audiobook Network author EA Samuels, one of the first of the Windrush generation, is a personal story of overcoming the difficulties in the face of adversity. This autobiography is a clever blend of cultural appreciation and triumphant victories over trials intertwined with entertaining anecdotes throughout the first three decades of life.

EA Samuels, a Jamaican-born author who has lived in both the UK and the US, has completed his new audiobook “The Triangle Route”: a gripping tale of the woes of the first three decades of his life.

On October 14, 1948, Samuels first saw the light of day, an event of no historical significance to the world at large, but of obvious significance to him. In this book, he has chosen to retrace some aspects of his early life experiences through the eyes and perspectives of his childhood and young adulthood, reflecting the wonder, curiosity, hopes and insecurities of life. youth. As a member of the baby boom generation, Samuels has witnessed events unfolding in a remarkable period in human history. This period saw the development of pop music, especially rock and roll and reggae. This is the period in which man undertakes space exploration, creates amazing advances in medical science, and orchestrates the development and diffusion of computerization. This included the launch of the World Wide Web, the forerunner of the Internet.

Posted by Audiobook Network, author EA Samuels’ new audiobook is an exhilarating book reflecting the challenges of growing up in three different countries while staying connected to your culture.

Discussing his youth as one of the first Windrush Generation immigrants to England, Samuels recounts his experiences of those early days through a boy’s perspective. He writes about the clash at that time in Birmingham between the English, Caribbean and Indian cultures. He writes about Spartan lifestyles, strange British customs and the difficulty of adjusting to this new way of life. Sent back to the Caribbean, he endured the loneliness of being far from his parents who remained in England. Although they assured him he was provided, their absence during his formative years had a lasting emotional impact.

Listeners can purchase the edition of the audiobook of “The Triangle Route: The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Man” by EA Samuels via Audible, the Apple iTunes store or Amazon.

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