Authorities are investigating an apparent gun threat on social media against Case Middle School | Jefferson County

WATERTOWN — The Watertown City School District has been made aware of a social media post on Snapchat that has raised safety concerns, Superintendent Patricia B. LaBarr said in a ParentSquare letter to parents.

The now viral Snapchat video posted to Facebook shows an alleged student with what appears to be a gun, with an apparent caption of “Don’t come to school Monday XD lol ;)”

The municipal police indicate that reinforced security measures will be taken. The position was apparently directed to Case Middle School.

City police said those involved have been identified and are being questioned.

“We take all of these posts seriously and investigate them thoroughly to help make the community we serve safer,” city police said in a news release.

In her letter to parents, Ms. LaBarr wrote that a student was at a Scout Mountain Challenge event, took a video and posted it on Snapchat. City police say the Scout Mountain Challenge event is intended to expose non-military children to Fort Drum and build community relationships with Fort Drum and surrounding communities.

“The District takes all threats seriously, whether through social media or word of mouth,” Ms. LaBarr said in the letter.

Ms LaBarr urges parents to talk with children about the seriousness of the threats made to schools.

“Please discuss with your children the seriousness and consequences of threats to the school or an individual, as well as the importance of reporting the source to the appropriate authorities, and assuring them that their safety is our first priority,” a she said in the letter. . “Threats made against a school or an individual on social media most often result in suspensions and/or arrests, and can rise to the level of a federal felony.”

City police are assisted by the State Police, the FBI, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. They also say they have received “invaluable help” from the community.

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