Battle Raps’ biggest names descend on New York for URL’s ‘Homecoming’

This Sunday, November 6 at 3 p.m. ET, Ultimate Rap League (URL) – the biggest names in battle rap – returns to the birthplace of hip-hop for the first time since 2016.

The Ultimate Rap League is the premier battle rap sports platform featuring competitive entertainers from every spectrum of the industry. The culture regards URLs as the leaders of the space, duly ennobled by industry veterans of Sean’s “Puff Daddy” CombsJ.Prince Jr., NLE Choppa, method manBusta Rhymes, Floyd MayweatherRachim and more.

Homecoming URL will take place at the iconic Irving Square, deliver a not-to-be-missed East vs. West main event that will be broadcast live to audiences around the world, exclusively on the live streaming platform, Caffeine. “Homecoming” will feature legend of harlem Murda Mook and the reigning three-time battle rap champion from Compton, California, Geechi Gotti.

The rest of the card features some of the biggest legends and brightest stars in fight rap, including New Jersey fight rap legend, criminal fire and the one in Brooklyn Jaz the Rapper as well as Swamp, K-Shine, JakkBoy Maine, JayBlac, Viixen The Assassin, and much more.

“Homecoming” follows URL virality summer madness event, which drew more than 2 million viewers live on Caffeine last month and reached the top trending spot on Twitter.

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