BBC iPlayer’s suggestions may soon come from Netflix viewing history


The BBC is working on a new media recommendations platform, which will showcase its video and audio content based on the habits of Netflix and Spotify users.

As reported by UK wired, the BBC hopes to personalize recommendations on iPlayer and BBC Sounds by leveraging data collected by other streaming services.

Beeb’s R&D teams are working on a system that would allow users to view a dashboard presenting their media profile. Users could also edit this platform to further refine their recommendations.

“We have developed a web application that uses live personal data from the BBC, Spotify and Netflix to create a media profile for a user,” wrote the BBC’s Eleni Sharp on the company’s website. research and development blog.

“The media profile allows the user to view and edit their entire media viewing history in one place. We can then send a profile derived from this data to our research version of BBC Sounds to provide enriched recommendations and suggestions for relevant local events.

The platform is built on a platform called Solid, which is an open source personal data store (PDS) originally developed by the father of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee.

It will allow users to grant permission to third party applications and services such as the aforementioned in order to read and write data to a personal dashboard. In its tests, the BBC calls it “My PDS”.

If users give the iPlayer or BBC Sounds access to My PDS, the plan is to bring up recommendations from a connected Netflix or Spotify viewing and listening history, for example.

So far, plans remain in the research phase, but the end result could be a centralized media hub where your streaming preferences can be stored and changed to better inform recommendations.

Since the BBC has only a tiny fraction of the budget Netflix spends to make sure the right content is in front of viewers’ eyes, this could end up being a smart play on Beeb’s part.

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