‘Ben Simmons refused to dunk for photo op, citing past issues’: Nets insider reveals All-Star guard not faking injury

Newly acquired Brooklyn Nets guard Ben Simmons refuses to dunk in front of the media, citing his back injury.

The Ben Simmons saga in Philadelphia is finally over. After being the victim of several controversies and fines, the former ROTY saw his wish to be exchanged granted. In a blockbuster deal, the Sixers traded Simmons to the Nets, receiving James Harden in exchange.

Simmons has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons since the 2021 playoffs. and head coach would have questioned his abilities.

What followed next is no secret, Simmons and the Sixers organization were at loggerheads, with the former refusing to play and wanting out immediately. According to reports, the Australian native had cited mental health issues for his refusal to play any game for the Philly organization.

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Currently with the Nets, Simmons has yet to play a game, reportedly due to back pain. The point guard had even refused to dunk for a photo shoot recently.

Ben Simmons refuses to perform a dunk during a recent photo shoot.

After his trade to the Nets, Simmons showed up at Barclays Center, making it his first public appearance of the season. The three-time All-Star looked in good spirits with Kevin Durant and co. However, social media was in no mood to spare the former Sixers guard.

Many netizens questioned Simmons’ sanity, with some suggesting it was fake. We all know the World Wide Web could very well be a dark place. However, when asked about it, Simmons had the following response.

Simmons, who was preparing for his debut with the Nets, suffered a late setback. Simmons, who hasn’t played a game since June last year, was recently diagnosed with back pain. However, many believe the Nets guard is faking it, another reason not to play.

Still, his refusal to dive in a recent photoshoot might be proof enough that he’s not 100% healthy. According to The Mike Missanelli Showa source close to the Nets said Simmons was not faking his back injury.

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Nets head coach Steve Nash confirmed the same, adding that Simmons’ back had flared up, having not played professional basketball since June.

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