City of Philadelphia: Introducing Black Men’s Resource Finder!


This article was written by Mynome Lorde, Black Males Partnership VISTA for the Mayor’s Office of Black Men’s Engagement

Bridging the gap of opportunity for men and boys of color.

The Mayor’s Office for Black Men’s Engagement (OBME) is committed to closing the opportunities gap for men and boys of color by working to improve the communities in which they live and reduce economic disparities and social issues that affect them.

According to the Brotherly Love Health Report, in Philadelphia, about 23% of black men and boys live in poverty. This staggering statistic exists because of the many gaps in service and opportunity. To ensure that residents are aware of the many resources and services available, we have noticed the need for an interactive and user-friendly search tool that will allow residents to find and register for city and town programs. community.

We are excited to launch our Black Male Resource Finder, which will allow Philadelphia residents to more efficiently access city and community resources through a digital platform. This search engine contains contact information for city agencies, black-owned businesses, community organizations, programs, services, resources and community workers who support black men in Philadelphia. It also serves as a bridge to connect residents to workforce opportunities, legal services, health and wellness resources, paternity and parenting supports, community anti-violence groups. And much more.

We want this digital tool to serve as an interactive resource for our community to discover and register for programs and services committed to helping black men in the city.

Our Partnership with Black Men VISTA has had the opportunity to research and connect with a range of organizations and resources that specifically assist Black men and boys in the city.

OBME and the Mayor’s Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT) have teamed up to create an interactive and user-friendly resource finder accessible through our website.

The researcher is divided into specific areas of interest such as anti-violence programs, health and wellness, paternity and parenthood support, and many more. Within each focus area, organizations are listed alphabetically with their name, address, phone number and website. We’ve also included an interactive map that shows each organization’s specific location in the city.

Our role as the Mayor’s Office for Public Engagement (OPE) office is to provide and facilitate opportunities for our communities to engage their local government and to ensure that our engagement is measurable. In order to bridge the gap of opportunity for black men and boys, we must build bridges to these resources and continue to ensure that our impact is more than a one-time experience.

This press release was produced by the City of Philadelphia. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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