District Attorney Investigates Possible Assault Between North Carolina School Resources Officer And 2 Girls

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WNCT) – District Attorney Ernie Lee said he and his office were investigating an incident earlier this week involving an assistant from the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office and two students from Swansboro High School.

The incident involves assault charges involving two girls and the deputy, who is a resource officer at the school.

Lee issued a press release Thursday evening regarding the incident.

“On the afternoon of December 2, 2021, the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office asked me to review an incident at Swansboro High School in which a school resources manager responded to an ongoing assault . The alleged assault involved two female students. I requested that the sheriff’s office provide me with all videos, reports and statements. After examining the facts and circumstances of this investigation, I will determine the action to be taken following the investigation.

Lee said in another statement on Friday that he had received “witness statements, law enforcement reports and a video from Swansboro High of the incident.” He also said that additional witness statements will be provided by the sheriff’s office.

“After reviewing the facts and circumstances of this investigation, I will determine what action to take following the investigation,” Lee said in the statement.

Jazaria Nixon said she punched another student after the two words were exchanged. She claims that the other student called her racist insults, which led to the incident. She said she told the deputy not to touch her or put her hands on her.

Nixon, 15, was able to record part of the incident on his phone as it happened.

“I started to panic because I can’t breathe. So I’m just screaming, let go. You are too tall. I can’t breathe, ”Nixon said.

The Onslow County Sheriff’s Office released a statement Friday morning saying a school administrator attempted to intervene “by breaking up the parties and having the abusive and disruptive student come to the office school in order to calm the situation “. When this did not work, “the school resource officer attempted to verbally defuse the situation, but the aggressive and disruptive student continued her aggressive behavior and had to be taken into custody.”

The sheriff’s office also said a review of a video clip of the incident cleared the resource officer. The full statement from the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office reads:

“There was an incident at Swansboro High School on December 1, 2021, where a student (a minor) assaulted and beat another student (also a minor). The school administration tried to intervene by separating the parties and to bring the aggressor and disruptor student to the school secretariat in order to calm the situation, but the young aggressor and disruptor resisted, uttered a language rude and refused to comply. The school administration called the school’s resource manager and asked for help. The school resources officer attempted to verbally defuse the situation, but the aggressive and disruptive student continued her aggressive behavior and had to be taken into custody.

“A school video clip was reviewed by the School Resources Officer supervisors and determined that there was no fault on the part of the School Resources Officer. Onslow County Sheriff’s Office command staff are impartial and do not take sides.

“The case is still under investigation”

Onslow County Schools also issued a press release on the incident on Friday:

“The situation you asked about involved an argument between two students in the Swansboro High School cafeteria. The incident ended very quickly – the principal immediately separated the students and there was no further interaction between them. The resource officer was also on site immediately and took steps to further defuse the situation. As this incident is still under investigation by law enforcement, it would not be appropriate to comment further.

“School resource officers are trained by their respective law enforcement agencies, and I cannot speak to the de-escalation training they may have received. It may be best to contact the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office or the Jacksonville Police Department for information on training their officers.

“Behavior management techniques are a common component of preparation programs for teachers and school administrators. Common strategies employed by school staff would include such things as proactive problem solving by developing relationships with students, implementing supervisory processes, and continuous development of situational awareness – being ‘in tune’ with what is happening in their environment.

“Unless this is a situation where a given consequence is required by state law, we will not comment on the individual discipline of students except to say that the consequences were administered in accordance with procedures established disciplinary procedures of the school. ”

The family said they still wanted answers.

“When I watched the video, literally I had tears in my eyes because I’m like, it’s like something I’m watching or something I’ve seen on TV happening elsewhere in the country, ”said Ebony Nixon, Jazaria’s aunt.

Nixon said she was given a five-day suspension.

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