Driving the finest and most innovative technological advances in the industry


Ronald Ck Ong: Driving the finest and most innovative technological advances in the industry

Creativity is an important force that makes the business sector thrive. The hyper-technological transformations of the creative industries have upset our standards of living. Creative maestros today strive to maintain the right balance between technological advancements and creative drive, thereby improving the agility of creative digital performance. It’s here that Digital Research comes in with its unparalleled agile digital performance and efficient technological excellence.

What sets a business apart? For SearchDigital, he builds and delivers unique, industry-leading products that are unlike his contemporaries. The platform focuses on delivering products of impeccable quality, ensuring a better return on investment to its customers.

Ronald, Founder and CEO of SearchDigital Group, began his digital journey which provides enterprise-level growth solutions for high-ambition brands. He was one of the first to embrace the World Wide Web. He acquired the label of a “computer genius” at a very young age. He became the visionary of SearchDigital. He also published a computer magazine named “CAS” with his three friends. Ronald released his first computer game at age 14 in C ++. His passion for digital art arose from the use of Degas Elite on the Atari ST published by Electronic Arts. Developing his ever-expanding digital skills, his 3D modeling experience began with learning Autodesk’s 3D studio, his first 3D demo actually culminating in his first full-time job – helping to design real-life environments for aircraft simulators to help train pilots. to learn to fly. Ronald worked for the games division of Virgin Groups as a designer at the London headquarters. He later joined the original members of the Bullfrog Productions team before launching SearchDigital. With over three decades of experience as a programmer and digital designer, he also directly advises accredited institutes by presenting digital strategy master classes.

Having accumulated an abundance of experience in technology, marketing and digital art, Ronald strives to use his experience to merge technology and creativity to deliver the best products to customers. SearchDigital believes in creating unique and industry-leading digital products.

Although SearchDigital notes that many other agencies use template systems for their website development, the products provided by SearchDigital are different from typical products built on WordPress or similar systems.

SearchDigital approaches it with the user experience in mind. Computer games industry experience and deep programming knowledge combined with a weighty designer eye mean an unprecedented focus on UX / UI in everything the platform creates.

In today’s ever-growing competitive landscape, it’s crucial that businesses use all the competitive advantages they can over their competitors, especially in the digital landscape, and this is where SearchDigital’s expertise join the game.

SearchDigital recognizes that artificial intelligence and automation enable dynamic user experiences. Replaced now by truly unique communication paths, the one-size-fits-all ethic is no longer effective with customers and their businesses.

SearchDigital understands that businesses that fail to adapt to harness the power of modern digital will simply fail to succeed in a world still driven by digital communications and services. The importance for business leaders to recognize and deploy these solutions now is paramount in today’s still competitive market.

As an evangelist of the digital space, the main challenge the company faced was to convey the importance of a strong digital strategy for all companies regardless of industry. Many business owners were used to traditional marketing channels and, generationally, they were not used to digital practices.

Sadly, it took a pandemic for some to realize the power of digital and those who have embraced and still believed in the strength of modern communication channels are now booming. Embracing new channels and new technologies is a positive lesson from the pandemic that provides forced acceleration for all companies to put caution to the wind.

SearchDigital embraces the digital evolution brought about by the global pandemic. The immediacy and efficiency of modern communications enables savvy businesses to achieve unprecedented, rapid and sustainable market growth.

The company continues to push the boundaries of digital excellence in everything it does, which also includes promoting digital strengths and harnessing new technologies as they emerge to enable positive change for all.

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