DuckDuckGo, Brave blocks Google AMP tracking on articles and enforces web security

DuckDuckGo and Brave are hashing their products online, and this is in retaliation for Google’s AMP tracking searching for items online. The new features of these private web services would offer users a chance to be anonymous or private online, allowing the public to hide their online activity and data from people like the notorious internet company.

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DuckDuckGo’s take on Google’s AMP tracking

DuckDuckGo took his new product announcement on Twitter, and the company has explicitly stated that it aims to block Google whenever it tries to take data from users for its AMP features. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is an internet tool that focuses on bringing article data online and making it available for quick view.

The secure web browser said that instead of using its data to display itself whenever one publishes an article or other information online, it would display the original source instead of its own data. Google’s AMP does otherwise because it takes data and information from a person who posted said article, making it available online.

The feature would only work when using DuckDuckGo’s browser while posting said article.

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Brave joins to block Google AMP Tracker

It is not only DuckDuckGo that is embarking on this new venture, but also another secure website company known as Brave. According to his recent blog postBraves “Un-AMP-ing” their browser and block Google’s tracking services when using their browser to post articles and such.

These new features focus on online privacy and security, protecting data.

Secure data and online browsers

DuckDuckGo and Brave are two of the most famous privacy-focused web browsers that assure users that their data and information is safe from trackers and third-party entities. DuckDuckGo first launched its web browser in December 2021, and since then the company has been campaigning on privacy for the enjoyment of users.

The public appreciates web browsers such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Yet, some of these companies are notorious for obtaining data and information to store about their advertising policies, etc. Despite logging into online services, secure website companies like Brave ensure that no such information is taken through its platform.

The world runs on data and information, and almost everything is available on the World Wide Web, which helps bring people more of what they need. At this time, companies like DuckDuckGo and Brave aim to contribute to security, because the internet in the world is a dangerous place and not so safe anymore.

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