Elden Ring character creator leaked via closed network test


An incomplete version of the character creator of the upcoming FromSoftware game Elden Ring has been leaked via the recent closed network test.

The create menu, which can be seen below via YouTube user ER-SA is clearly incomplete as most of the options are left blank, although they are functional, allowing the player to change body type, body type, sex and more.

The Elden Ring Closed Network Test required players to choose from 5 predefined characters, skipping the character creation process entirely.

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The 2020 PS5-exclusive Demon’s Souls remake featured a robust character creator, a big step up from the original FromSoftware games that were known for the monstrous creations players could create.

FromSoftware’s upcoming Armored Core game was reportedly confirmed recently via a consumer survey.

Resetera user Red Liquorice claimed on Saturday that he received a survey from studio Elden Ring and Dark Souls, which apparently reveals the first details of the upcoming unannounced mechanical fighting game.

The unnamed episode, which would be Armored Core’s first full title since 2012, would feature a “sci-fi world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki”, “dynamic three-dimensional action” and a “high degree of freedom of customization. “.

“The game is a TPS (third-person shooter) mechanical action title that lets you move around an overwhelmingly scaled map that depicts a unique sci-fi world with dynamic mechanical action,” he says. alleged investigation. “You will face powerful enemies and fierce short and long range battles using guns and blades.”

Elden Ring Hands-On Video Preview | VGC

The game’s synopsis would see government, corporations, cultists, and unknown mercenaries battling for an alien substance that can “dramatically advance human society.”

According to the user, the survey also included screenshots and a small amount of footage from the game, which they did not share due to their watermark.

“I was quite amazed to watch footage of an upcoming random From Soft game this morning, quite unexpectedly,” they wrote.


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