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Sara Tindley, making music and working on the farm

Support artists during confinement

By Eve Jeffery

One of the first things I realized when I first moved to the North Coast was that most people in the area have more than one job, and certainly most artists in the area. have – and that goes beyond actresses working in coffee shops while waiting for their big break. . It’s more permanent than that.

People love the local singer, Sara tindley, who is also a farmer. The actress, Vanessa Larry Mitchell, also trains disability support workers, and there are many others who use the income from their ‘other’ work to keep them going when things slow down a bit – it does. helps stay on the road, in the studio, and creating merch ‘.

A musician I asked said his ‘day job’ consisted of multiple sources of income from part-time contract work and investments. He said if his professional life was about relationship status on Facebook, he would say “It’s complicated.”

So what happens when your career is wrecked by a pandemic? Three times in the past two weeks I’ve had to go through our list of concert guides and remove at least 50 shows from the list. It was heartbreaking to press, and keep pressing, delete.

The artists work really hard – it’s not just Keef and Mick sitting sipping expensive bourbon and smiling at the photographers through the cigarette smoke. During the pandemic, even some of the biggest names are struggling. Bob Dylan has been pretty much on the road for 32 years. The Never Ending Tour started in 1988 and ended in 2020 due to COVID. Now Bob might not need the money, but the band does. Roadies, tour managers, room and restaurant staff, hardware vendors and t-shirt printers – they all need the money.

What can the fans do? In 2021, we have a little thing called the Internet – you don’t even have to leave your chair, let alone leave your home. You can buy music and merchandise online, and there are also plenty of entertainment options from local artists and businesses on the World Wide Web.

People do concerts online, and they don’t cost much. Shows like the one to come with Kitty flanagan, Akmal and Mandy nolan who put on their Regent show Political animals: question time in line; there is a wide range of artists performing songs live on social media for free, a kind of digital busking.

So help a sibling – remember the performers on the show the next time you head to the interweb to shop for yourself or for gifts.

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