Family resource network offering Christmas gift cards to host families

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The Marion County Family Resource Network is making sure everyone is looked after this vacation season.

Gift cards arranged in heart (Image WBOY)

The network gave Blueprints Social Services of Fairmont 32 Walmart gift cards. The $ 50 gift cards will go directly to county host families.

Families can spend it on dinners, stockings, or any other expense that accumulates during this time of year.

Tina Hevener, a social worker for Blueprints, said it was wonderful to be able to give them to families because she thinks people don’t realize everything foster parents do.

“You have children who have been neglected, who have been abused and who come from low income families where they have probably never had what we think is a Christmas where we can have presents under the tree,” said Hevener. “So the fact that we can donate in this regard and help these kids have a wonderful Christmas, that means the world to me. ”

Organizers of the networks wanted a way to give back to the community since their breakfast with Santa Claus was canceled due to COVID, so they opted for gift cards.

Marion County Family Resource Network (Image WBOY)

“It’s very important, especially with the two years we’ve had because of COVID and everyone is going through a tough time. We need to reach out and help each other, ”said Frank Jarman, Executive Director of MCFRN. “This has to be the moment when we say ‘we were a caring community’ and then we take action on it.”

The Family Resource Network got the $ 1,600 for the gift cards through Anthem.

$ 50 in care as a gift that will be offered to host families (Image WBOY)

“I feel truly blessed to work for a company that helps so many families,” said Darlene Stuckey of Anthem. “We have to take care of the children as well as the caregivers. May everyone gathered around the table enjoy the true blessing of Christmas and create a wonderful holiday memory. ”

There are nearly 7,000 foster children in the state.

Hevener said there is still a need for foster families. You can read more about how to become a foster parent here.

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