Why the Marketing Leader Bought This URL, Then Directed It To The State Site

Abe Kasbo was working from his home in Summit on Monday when he heard Governor Phil Murphy and his team of New Jersey officials wrestle over the URL for free COVID-19 tests the state was giving residents.

Be certain, does not roll your tongue exactly.

As CEO of Verasoni, a Fairfield-based advisory, consultancy and strategic communications agency, Kasbo understands the value of getting your message out in ways that are easy to use and remember.

So after a quick search showed he was available, Kasbo did what he could to help: he bought the URL and redirected it to the state website.

“I was listening to Governor Murphy’s COVID update yesterday and saw the panel struggling with the URL for the free COVID test, so we bought this branded domain name to make it simpler for people to say and remember, ”he said.

The process was quick, easy, and inexpensive – and only $ 10, Kasbo said. In fact, setting up the redirect was so easy that Kasbo even tweeted at the Governor and the Ministry of Health before the briefing was over.

So far he has had no response. And that’s okay, Kasbo said. He is convinced that the URL will move. And that was the goal: to make it easier for everyone to take a test.

“We all have to do our part to help each other in these difficult situations, and this is a small way to help on our part,” he said.

Kasbo, who founded Verasoni in 2005, said he posted the URL on the company’s website. Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

“We hope people will remember the URL and get tested when they need it,” he said.

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