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In my opinion, there’s something so vulnerable about exchanging laughs with someone you’ve just met. It’s an instant connection and a landmark in the timeline of a new, growing relationship. Whether you are a seasoned academic entering your final months of college, a second or third year, or entering your first year of graduate school, it’s human nature to gravitate toward that sense of belonging and connection.

What makes these connections even more powerful are the unique ways we can experience them. And how lucky are we to have at our fingertips one of the fastest community building resources, i.e. social media.

At a large institution like UW, it’s easy to get lost in the routine of eating, studying, sleeping, and rehearsing, but Through trial and error of exploring unique interests, students can break the cyclical nature of college life and find a community to make their time at college a little more rewarding.

In order to ease the overwhelming nature of returning to campus and navigating UW’s long list of RSOs, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite social media pages and groups for you to participate in and find a community. .

Never heard of it UW Virgins? It is a community for virgins and non-virgins to come together and bond around your common value of purity, or lack thereof. This is the place to get practical advice on all things college, keeping your chastity in mind.

For those who need random “cursed” footage to keep you on your toes (or just to question daily happenings around UW), do yourself a favor and head to the UW Cursed Pictures Instagram page. Perhaps this New Year, you and other curse-loving students will meet via their Instagrams and bond over your mutual love for the abnormal.

U.W. Confessions is another great way to escape the academic pattern that will soon overtake our lives. Instead of worrying about your own problems, dive into something a little lighter and find solace in someone else’s various misfortunes.

For new entrants, UW Smile could be your best friend. This social media page updates its followers on everything worth posting, from what to pack when moving in to the inside scoop of what different places on campus look like.

If you’re hoping to get more in touch with your athletic side this school year, Huskies Stool is the place for you. While it features some fun sports-related topics, you also get a glimpse of some pretty entertaining campus highlights.

Do you consider yourself above the rest? Think you have impeccable taste and potentially questionable morals? Then the Association UW Chad could be the page for you. UW Chads is a great place to lean on those who also identify with the “chadist“, link on the same Songs “Chad”and truly allow yourself to become the “sigma” male you’ve always wanted to be this upcoming school year.

If you don’t identify with the “Chad” lifestyle, maybe UW chicks is more your speed. This Barstool-affiliated social platform offers everything from a recurring UW theme Bachelor to fraternity leaderboards and more “Chick” focused content to lighten the mood.

To unwind or need a little pick-me-up, check out Triple Whale on TikTok. Although the account is primarily focused on business topics, Triple Whale’s page often features relevant content and highlights strangers on the UW campus. Whether you’re becoming a finance bro or wanting to be featured, whatever Triple Whale conjures up in you, this might be the year to explore that side of yourself.

For all budding actors, Collective, UW’s premier improv band, will be your North Star. Promoting all of their upcoming shows, The Collective will keep you entertained in the New Year and perhaps offer you the chance to meet your new best friend as he takes center stage.

Whichever way you choose to start off on the right foot this year, remember that social media can be a huge boost to your experience. Whether it’s finding your community of “Chads,” embracing your artistic side with The Collective, or following the cursed pictures across campus, tap into UW’s various online communities, and perhaps be, just maybe, you’ll feel right at home.

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