GAZZER talks about producing organic rhythms, Gpower radio show and more


GAZZER talks about producing organic beats, a radio show and more: Interview

Offering an organic playstyle has proven to be the perfect combination for GASZER, with the rising star seeking to integrate all the elements of nature into his music and sets. Following our last interview with GAZZER, we caught up with the UK based producer again, and he provided us with more information about his organic beats production, radio show, brand. GENERAL POWER, as well as an overview of what GAZZER set out to accomplish as an artist with unique characteristics in our community.

Identifying your own style as a DJ / producer can be difficult at times, however, your organic playing style can be seen as a perfect costume for you. Can you give us some insight into the inspiration of producing music with this unique style?

Last year was crazy!

However, what he has done for me personally is give time to reflect and consider. Live online broadcasts, outdoor concerts and especially The Sound of The Lakes have inspired me to embrace my roots and connect with nature. Growing plants stimulates moods and inspired me to create high energy, natural music. I always record on the move. If I hear organic sounds, I like to record them for future use in the studio. I also looked for unique instruments or elements that could be mixed into live performances. Moving objects make music more alive. I have big plans for future sets incorporating organic elements to help fans feel in the moment with the escape experience.

Implementing natural sounds in songs and live mixes has become a natural habit for you. Has this organic style of play always been the genre you chose to follow, or have you developed your sound over time? Besides that, what was the main reason for the shift in focus from techno to progressive house, and how easily or not did you find this shift between genres easily or not when producing tracks?

More than ever, artists are spreading their wings. It might be a controversial opinion, but the genres overlap and it can only be a positive thing to embrace. In my early days hard warehouse techno was my focus, but with recent events in the world, outdoor events, I warmed up to progressive house. I really like creating melodic build-up sequences on the piano starting with a lower BPM gradually increasing as the hill climb nears. This really concerns me, especially with the number of mountains I live in in the north of the UK. As you mature and grow up, it’s inspiring to see huge artists like Martin Garrix and David Guetta who have been at the top of their game for years being so flexible lately with genres.

As a rising star in the electronic dance scene, your primary focus usually revolves around the industry and its constant changes. However, we are also aware of your higher qualification in engineering and analog electronic systems. Was this a career path you wanted to take before you discovered your love for music, and will you ever consider following both of your passions as professions?

One of the things I have accomplished through the lockdown has been a UK higher national qualification in electronic systems. Learning analog sounds has a huge advantage, they were huge back then! I still remember the videos deadmau5 made for fans playing with analog synthesizers. Very inspiring. Digital conversion brought out my inner geek side while also understanding music theory. I am starting to combine the theory with the practical elements, I hope this will show in the future.

With your radio show constantly growing in listeners, how essential is it for you to reach people around the world not only with your own music, but also with the music that inspires you the most?

Diffusing my sound and my organic style is definitely one of my priorities. My fan base in the north of the UK is loyal and showing up in numbers. However experiences like Dance fair, in the Netherlands where I have attended in the past, allow you to network in a different way. You can share experiences, knowledge and build new relationships. The World Wide Web is amazing for allowing connections and fans outside of Europe to listen to radio shows, mixes and tracks anytime.

As well as connecting with a larger audience through your radio show, you also mentioned to us that it helps you grow your personal GPOWER brand. Has your brand grown significantly since our last interview and how has your merchandise evolved over the past year?

The GPOWER brand has experienced significant growth. A range of merchandise is being developed in factories as we speak. The plan is for herbal supplements, bracelets, and clothing to support concerts and live performances. I can’t wait to share this vision with the fans!

Image Credit: Gpower Radio (Gazzer)

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the industry and not only, however, restrictions are slowly being lifted in some countries around the world. Has this pandemic changed your entire approach to planning for the future, or has it had a positive impact on you and your style of music?

Covid has certainly taught a lot of people to plan in more detail. The extra time spent in the music studio for the production allowed me to try new things. I now use Traktor and Pioneer equipment to mix with Ableton. Lockdown got me thinking about crowd control, virtual set visuals, and building a loyal positive network. Teamwork is even more important than ever.

With the summer of 2021 on the way, can you give us a glimpse of any new music that may be in the works, as well as what the future holds for GAZZER?

The year is in full swing now and after the hits ‘Terminal’ and ‘Satellite’ which were successful on Spotify and Hypeddit via Manchester Collective respectively, I would like to get more involved with Beatport. I can’t wait to travel again, meet DJs and upcoming artists. My website now provides a house. Look for new mashups, remixes, and original tracks later this year!

We couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for this talented producer, so be sure to check out GAZZER on Spotify. here.

Image Credit: GAZZER (hurry)

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