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g‘daytime. I am Georgie Carroll or Nurse Georgie, nurse turned actress. I’ve made humans, I’ve saved humans, I’ve written a book and I’m on TV; a pretty helpful person, all things considered.

Here’s my take on the 10 funniest things on the internet. The internet is huge and a lot of it isn’t funny at all, so it was a big job. But I like challenges!

1. Troy Hawke of the Greeters Guild

Ladies, gentlemen and all the glorious entities in between: may I introduce British comedian Milo McCabe, also known as Troy Hawke of the Greeters Guild. Spoiler – there’s no Greeters Guild, but that doesn’t stop Troy from standing outside stores (uninvited) in a tuxedo jacket, cheering people on. I just can’t get past it when it hits my feed. He says he is trying to restore balance to the mood of the general population in a post-pandemic era. There is no one more qualified to encourage you (he started as a psychotherapist).

2) Joe Lycett

Oh! This boy makes my heart sing. He’s a bright, silly adult. The clip above is well-known, but watch any of its clips and you can throw the rest of your day in the trash. He’s ridiculous in real life too: he and I played together at the Sydney Opera House. I was a rookie at the time, overwhelmed by the iconic building and talent in the Green Room: Phill Jupitus, Fern Brady, Lycett himself. I decided not to reveal myself as a comedian and to position myself behind the buffet and pretend to work in the restaurant industry to avoid small talk. Lycett joined me after a while, and we played shop like children do; warned people about the sushi, gave the sausage rolls a history. He’s a real happy man.

3) Football fans show their team where the goal is

Nothing could attract me less than team sport. I’m a lone wolf, I can’t stand the thought of having to depend on a dozen other people working together to define my success. What I like in team sports, and in particular in European football, is the public. As a comedian, I know the value of an engaged audience.

The Brits shine brightest when they lose. The best songs are made when a fan’s unequivocal belief that their team can win is accompanied by desperation when it can’t. Simmer that sentiment in copious amounts of beer for a decade or more and you have a recipe for wonderfully fun crowd performances.

4) Internet Comedy: Animal Facts

Sketching at its most delicious. This troop of bold, crazy idiots aren’t big on facts unless they’re talking about animals. There are plenty on their website and on TikTok, so start with this video – if you hate it, cancel the mission as each click gets weirder. They will tickle parts of your brain that you haven’t used in a while.

5) My mother

Although technically not someone I want you to follow on the internet, my mom is by far the funniest thing when she’s there. She’s not an unintelligent woman, but there are huge gaps in her learning when it comes to technology. Google Maps always sends it the “wrong way”; somehow, the voicemails sent from her phone and in her voice end up on other people’s phones without her sending them; she pedantically capitalizes email addresses; and she wondered – out loud – if Australia’s WORLD WIDE WEB works in England! It is not surprising that the catfish targets the mature woman.

(If you are a catfish now looking for my mother, back off, I will destroy you. Also, she has not yet managed to transfer money online, so although she is a very loving woman , it will be a fruitless financial effort. )

6) Michel Palascak

In stand up, there’s the writing, and then there’s the performance. This guy nails both. Christian comedy is a huge subculture within stand-up. Their audience is huge – I almost wish I was part of it for that reason. Some Christian comedies can cringe even with progressive audiences, but this Catholic good boy is clean, smart, dark and, above all, funny.

7) Ava Ryan

I have two sons. Sometimes they ask me which is my favorite child, and I tell them Ava Ryan. She is still young, so her funny ones are published on her mother Katie’s channel. I’ve been following this half-pint comedic prodigy since she was three, when she went viral for the catchphrases “I smell like beef” and “Frikken bat.” Now, at 12, she’s more moxie and funny than most adults I’ve met. I can’t wait to see what she becomes. We should all quit comedy when it fully blossoms.

8) Good liars

Comedy journalists Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig find some of America’s most impassioned far-right and ask them extremely basic questions to expose the guts resonating in QAnon’s echo chamber. The guys are charming and respectful while causing a decent amount of disruption and enlightenment at rallies and political events. That’s how I get my American news, while laughing and gawking at the United States of some people’s brains.

9) James Donald Forbes McCann

A South Australian-based comic philosopher, McCann has a quirky brain full of out-of-the-box thoughts. You could follow him on Insta where he feels good, but you’ll like him more on YouTube. His best work is the James Donald Forbes McCann Catamaran Plan, his podcast where he plays a husband and father hoping to raise enough money to fund his dream of owning a catamaran, through podcasting. Help a brother who likes boats and listen to him.

10) Hot ones

Now – let’s enjoy! This is a celebrity interview channel where talent is interviewed while being fed increasingly hot chicken wings. If you own teenagers, bring the Hot Ones into the conversation – they won’t say you’re cool, but they will mean it. The show’s creators, Christopher Schonberger and Sean Evans, have huge celebrity appeal and have grilled and fed everyone from Gordon Ramsay to The Rock. Watch this while drinking milk – the wings towards the end seem sore.

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