Google Crawl Spikes After URL Parameter Tool Goes Offline?

As you know, last week, April 26, Google disabled the URL Parameter Tool in Google Search Console and stopped following the rules added to this tool. Some ask if the recent crawl spikes they’ve seen with Googlebot were related to this change.

Dave Smart posted graphs on Twitter showing that his crawl activity increased around this time. Of course, this can easily be unrelated to the URL Parameter Tool. It is almost impossible to isolate this crawl peak to the URL parameter tool. But Dave said there were no other changes at that time.

Here are his tweets:

Glenn Gabe chimed in to say it was probably unrelated:

And Google’s John Mueller agreed:

Of course, anything is possible. I’ve heard from other people privately that they saw significant crawl spikes after the URL parameter tool disappeared – and yes, they used the tool a lot. But again, it’s impossible to confirm without having access to Google’s end.

Have you noticed this too? What do you all think?

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