Google says leaving old XML sitemaps after URL migration will have minimal effect

Google’s John Mueller was asked if it was helpful after doing a big URL migration to keep the old XML Sitemap file for a bit. John said “the effect would be minimal” using this strategy.

The theory is that if you leave the old XML sitemap online for a while, Google will use it to crawl those URLs faster, and then grab the new URLs (the ones the old ones redirect to) faster. But John said it didn’t really work that way, he said “if you change all the dates on the existing pages it doesn’t give us a lot of information on where to start crawling, so I think that overall he would crawl as usual. ” So normal crawling will be performed on those old URLs and Google will resume redirects in its normal crawl – the XML sitemap might not have an impact on this, at least a noticeable impact.

Here are those tweets:

That’s a good question because Google, including John Mueller, has said in the past that you can use sitemaps to speed up page deletion at a certain level and it looks like Google’s Gary Illyes has said that could also work with URL migrations. So the question makes sense, but so does the answer.

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