Google’s URL Parameters Tool Is Scary, Says Google

Google’s John Mueller said (again) that the Google URL Parameters tool is scary. He said this on Redditthen suggested the person try using the noindex or robots.txt methods as an alternative, because reports from google search console will show you issues with noindex or robots.txt, but not really with the Settings tool of URLs.

The question on Reddit was “Is the next logical step to use the URL parameter tool or noindex when Google continues to index parameter URLs, such as ‘search?’ and ‘sort?’, even if an XML sitemap and canonicals are in place?”

John replied “noindex or robots.txt. The URL Parameter Tool is scary, I suspect a lot of people mess it up and shoot themselves in the foot. With robots.txt or noindex (both together don’t make sense) at least you see the effect in the test tools.”

There are Googlers who would prefer to remove the tool (some SEOs as well) because when you use it, Google will listen to it. We are expecting a 2.0 version of this tool at some point which should be “really cool” but that was almost two years ago…

The tool is not in the new (don’t know why I still call it new) version of Google Search Console, you can access it this way but be careful. Google has this help document on this tool.

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