Hard Work Pays Off – Just Watch The Chicago Bulls 1997-1998


I have watched the Last Dance at least four times. This is a documented story that Michael Jordan filmed his career and the Chicago Bulls’ rise to greatness.

If you haven’t watched this documentary on Netflix, you must. He tells how this team was put together. Of course, Michael Jordan fell to the Bulls’ knees with the third pick in the first round.

This article explains how this team was formed through hard work. Like I said, Jerry Reinsdorf owns the Bulls and the late Jerry Krausse was their GM. This is an other story. This team has evolved and has gone through different chapters of its history.

First and foremost, Michael Jordan’s drive to improve himself in basketball was due to hard work and persistence. He tried for his college team in sophomore and got cut. Can you believe they thought he was too small? Well he showed them!

Then there was his running mate on the Bulls Scottie Pippen. Pippen was first principal of the University of Central Arkansas. Then he had a strong growth spurt and became the excellent player as we knew him with the Bulls. He never gave up.

Then Steve Kerr. Kerr played at the University of Arizona and was not drafted. He has shown that with his height he should work even harder. His hard work has paid off.

Then there was the “Worm”. His name is Dennis Rodman. Rodman was of course drafted by the Detroit Pistons where they won several NBA championships. He was drafted from north central Texas in the second round. He was Jordan and Pippen’s nemesis when he played these guys with the Bad Boys.

Later in his career, the Bulls’ organization felt he was the missing piece to help them continue to earn NBA crowns.

My point in this article is that hard work pays off. So in any business that you pursue, work hard, have a plan, and be disciplined.

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