HEC Paris in Qatar will host a free online public masterclass

As the Web 3 era – the third iteration of the World Wide Web – begins to take hold globally, HEC Paris, ranked Europe’s top business school, will hold its free online public masterclass to help people to understand the blockchain technology on which the Web3 and decentralized cryptocurrencies are based.
The masterclass will be led on March 1 by Prof. Olivier Bossard, professor of finance and executive director of the MSc Finance at HEC Paris, who will decode the blockchain and cryptocurrencies through it.
“This is an exceptional opportunity to learn from one of HEC Paris’ most acclaimed international professors,” explained Dr. Pablo Martin de Holan, Dean of HEC Paris in Qatar.
“Professor Bossard’s program has been ranked #1 worldwide for 10 consecutive years in the Financial Times World Masters in Finance Rankings, and he holds an Msc in Applied Mathematics and HEC’s ‘Best Professor Award’ Paris. HEC Paris is proud to have thought leaders such as Professor Bossard within our faculty, helping us fulfill our mission of impact and excellence.
Professor Bossard, who has over two decades of experience in the financial markets and derivatives industry and his current areas of study include: finance 2.0, fintech, cryptography and blockchain technology, will explain to participants the workings and implications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency – the brand new decentralized chapter in the history of money in the 90-minute masterclass. In the masterclass, he will demystify blockchain technology and its widespread implications in an easy-to-understand format that will appeal to a multidisciplinary audience.
“Bitcoin is the first application of this disruptive technology, although prone to failure due to its lack of scalability and low adoption rate. New cryptocurrencies are emerging every day, with more or less successful, and accompanied by wild speculation,” commented Professor Bossard. “However, beyond the hype and speculation, blockchain technology is poised to disrupt many areas of our modern world, well beyond finance and cryptocurrencies, with applications in medical information, legal records, and supply chain to name a few areas of application.”

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