How Homeowners Can Get Help During a Storm


This applies to all counties in Ohio, but must be completed by the end of January.

HINCKLEY, Ohio – After tornadoes hit northeastern Ohio, damaged homeowners are wondering what they should do.

However, there is one thing many overlook that could save owners of damaged property money.

“I heard there was a tornado in the area, obviously thinking it wouldn’t hit us,” recalls Chris Kondik, a resident of Hinckley for four years. “They went to the basement bathroom and all of a sudden there was a big bang.”

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His experiences were shared by many in the region after several EF1 tornadoes hit Thursday with winds reaching 95 miles per hour.

“He picked up our furniture and moved it around the yard to the neighbors,” Kondik said. “We’ll have a few things to fix, a few shingles on the back of the house.”

Kondik also had his staked trampoline picked up in his backyard and knocked over a house in a hundred pieces.

“It fell straight from our backyard, just sucked it up and took it over there,” he told 3News. “The [were] rooms and rooms in their yard but none in ours. It was a little crazy. “

The good news for homeowners like Kondik, and what many don’t realize is that they can claim a reduction in their property taxes because of the damage.

“One of the things people miss – because again you have damage and it’s an unfortunate situation that you’re not used to – but they often forget to tell their county auditor.” , Mike Kovack, who holds the post in Medina County, mentioned. “If they’ve suffered damage to real estate, if they fill out the appropriate form, they can get their taxes cut for 2022.”

This applies to all counties in Ohio, but the form must be filed by the end of January. The value will vary depending on the damage, but for people like Kondik it can help replace that trampoline.

“They spend hours and hours there, so it gives us a little break with the kids,” he admitted. “We will definitely have another trampoline.”

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