How to download the Douyin “Chinese TikTok” (and see Asian developments)

The Chinese edition of the sharing platform is completely different from what end users in our neighborhood see, but you can view it from the World Wide Web or the official app.

TikTok is a platform of Chinese origin, but in reality its counterpart is called Douyin and it is totally different from the application we know in the West and in other countries outside of China. This does not indicate, of course, that the most viral traits and videos do not deal with crossing the barrier: end users who have access to equal versions of the application often try to replicate on a single system what they want. ‘they saw in common. on the World Wide Web. And in doing so, they can achieve the same achievements. So it’s no wonder that Douyin arouses this kind of curiosity even among those who are now TikTok people, but the software download for the Chinese market is not that fast.

On Iphone, the only way to get Douyin is through the application store, which will still need to be set to the appropriate geographic location to put the software into perspective. The course of action isn’t hard to follow, but it does include a few small sacrifices: as specified by Apple on its guidance webpage, you should start by putting the remaining credit note on the Apple ID, cancel or wait. for the expiration of active subscriptions and conclusion. . of any reimbursement processing, because with the transfer to another area, these activities end up being lost. There, all you have to do is go to the settings of the mobile phones then to the Documents and media purchases section. In Perspective Account, you need to follow the path from Place / Zone prospects to Edit Country or Zone and then find Mainland China. Right after downloading Douyin from the App Store, it’s fantastic to come back to the authentic geographic space.

On Android phones, the procedure is theoretically less difficult, since the exploitation technique allows to load installation data files named Apk from any power supply on the smartphone in a few steps. In theory, then, it would be possible to get the software by searching for it on any search engine, but in reality, installing variants of Douyin from unofficial sources carries the risk of loading viruses or malware on the product. It is better to turn to the World Wide Web version of the platform, which manufacturers introduced some time ago and which can be found on

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