Impact launches professional network for the entertainment industry in Atlanta

Brian Grazer and by Ron Howard The new platform, Impact, enables teams and productions to hire talent faster, wrap up sooner, and be more inclusive.

ATLANTE, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Impact, founded by Oscar-winning duo Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, today announced the launch of an online professional network for the film and television industry, focused on the needs of crews and the challenges of production. The platform will first be launched publicly in the Atlanta market, a rapidly growing hub for some of the best talent, productions and studios in the entertainment industry.

With production exploding in Atlanta and globally, it has become increasingly difficult to launch film and television productions. Due to crew and equipment shortages, it will often take producers and studios months to lock in crew and locations, causing significant production delays. Using Impact’s database of more than 400,000 crew profiles from top film and TV shows, production teams can now find talented, available crews in 24 hours or less.

“We started Impact to empower the people who bring stories to life,” said Brian Grazer. “We want the team to have the ability to access more opportunities and streamline how productions connect and collaborate.”

“While there have been tremendous technological innovations over the years in digital effects, cameras, editing and streaming, the editing and physical production of shows has not changed much in the past 20 years. years,” said Ron Howard. “We’re hoping Impact will make it a little easier for hard-working crews and allow productions to run a little smoother and maybe even finish a few days sooner.”

Impact has been in beta for a year and already has over 18,000 registered users (including 4,000 users based in Atlanta). In the past 90 days alone, 50 productions worldwide (13 in Atlanta) used Impact to help find the team available for 118 jobs on major movies and shows like Houston and The purple color.

“Productions face many challenges that we believe Impact can help solve, starting with finding a talented and available team,” said Impact CEO, Tyler Mitchell. “There are more than 330,000 work teams in the United States alone, the majority of which are independent contractors. But, until now, there was no network to connect this widespread talent with opportunities Impact is excited to become the destination for the team to network, showcase their work, and find jobs, while giving productions a place to easily find and hire diverse talent.”

Impact is backed by venture capital firm Benchmark, which has led investments in Uber, eBay, Zillow, OpenTable and NextDoor.

About Impact

Impact is a professional network for the entertainment industry with specialized tools to facilitate the way film and TV crews communicate and collaborate. The company was founded by the Oscar-winning duo Ron Howard and Brian Grazer with CEO Tyler Mitchell in 2020, and in 2021 was named the second most innovative company in entertainment by Fast Company Magazine. Impact follows their groundbreaking content accelerator, Imagine Impact, founded in 2018, which created proprietary technology to discover talented screenwriters at scale from around the world, put them through a structured development process, and put writers and their material on the market.


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