Inside CASHMAN Piyush Jain’s World-Wide-Web


Kanpur: You might have heard of Godman or Conman, but these days it’s Kanpur’s CASHMAN – Piyush Jain – that’s making the headlines. On Wednesday, the intelligence team finally concluded its marathon raid which brought in over Rs 200 crore. The intelligence team that raided the premises discovered that its network spanned 50 countries. According to a report by the IANS news agency, 100 samples of the compounds were sent to the lab for testing at the home of perfume and compound businessman Piyush Jain in Kannauj.Also Read – Samajwadi Party Suspends 5 Workers Over Alleged Involvement in Violence During Prime Minister Modi’s Rally in Kanpur

“About 100 samples of compounds were taken by financial intelligence teams at the premises of Piyush Jain. He sold the compounds to various foreign customers. Our investigation suggested he had ties to around 50 countries, ”IANS said, citing a source. Also Read – Latest Live News: Prime Minister Modi’s visit to United Arab Emirates postponed amid Omicron fear

SBI officials, 20 banknote counters, 8 days

The raids, which began on December 22, at Piyush Jain’s home in Kannuj’s Chhipati Mohalla, ended on December 29. DGGI) said Wednesday. Several documents, huge cash (photos of which have gone viral), gold and other valuable materials were recovered during the searches. Also read – Haryana government expands cabinet, CM Khattar inducts Kamal Gupta of BJP and Devender Singh Babli of JJP

Notably, banknote counting has been carried out in the past five days with the help of officials from the State Bank of India and 20 banknote counting machines. The tickets were put in large boxes and sealed by the team. Financial intelligence teams had to take the help of additional workers and a truck to bring the money to the SBI branch.

Political slugfest

The seizure of money from Cashman Piyush Jain’s home comes as the state heads to the polls. Uttar Pradesh’s assembly elections are slated for early next year, and the news and the cash show has become the talk of the country, fueling the blame game.

BJP ties money with Samajwadi Party (SP), SP alleges businessman Piyush Jain has ties to BJP. Akhilesh Yadav, chairman of the Samajwadi party, claimed that the recovery of the unrecorded cash belonged to the BJP. Yadav said the demonetization failed, as evidenced by the recovery of cash.

Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Amit Shah also launched a scathing attack on the Samajwadi party when he said that ABCD for SP means – A for “apradh”, B for “Bhai- Bhatija ”, C for corruption and D for“ Danga ”. “The BJP erased this ABCD. When Piyush Jain was attacked, it was Akhilesh Yadav who felt uncomfortable. Who owns this money? he asked, addressing a rally in Hardoi.

23 kg of gold, sandalwood oil worth Rs 6 crore, 500 keys, 109 padlocks and 18 lockers were recovered during the raids.

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