Instagram Users Complain Linktree URLs on Bios Not Working

Adding multiple links to your Instagram profile is not an easy task and this is where Linktree URLs come in to play to make your life easier. However, the feature hasn’t worked for some since Tuesday, October 17.

Yesterday, several app users took to Twitter to express concerns about the inability to add links to their bios.

Some even noted that existing links had been removed from their bios. And now Instagram users are frustrated that Linktree URLs are not working on their Instagram bios.

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Linktree URLs not working on Instagram bios

Linktree is a tool that helps Instagram users add links to multiple websites or accounts within a single feature.

However, many have complained on Twitter that Instagram does not allow them to add Linktree URLs to their bios. And for some, the existing links have disappeared. The photo sharing app has not yet fixed the problem.

Although it appears to be a temporary issue or bug, here is what users are saying.

A Tweeted: “Why is @instagram removing @Linktree_ links from the bios?!”

“@instagram my Linktree URL is not showing in my bio. Have the latest version for suggestions thanks” added another one.

A third tweet Lily: “Instagram removed my Linktree from my bio! Has this happened to anyone else????”

“@Meta so y’all randomly dragging my @Linktree_ out of my Instagram Bio??? I don’t understand why this happened?” read one Tweeter.

How to add links to your profiles

You can add multiple links to your Instagram profile using Linktree. You must start by creating an account on Linktree. Follow the steps below.

Possible Fixes

Temporary problems on Instagram usually take a while to be fixed. You can however try the possible fixes below for not being able to add Linktree url on your bios.

  • Check if your Instagram app is updated to its latest version.
  • Make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection when adding links and saving changes.
  • Make sure you have cleared Instagram cache from your devices.
  • Log out and log back in to check your bio link.

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