KPN will extend its fiber network

Dutch incumbent operator KPN and investor APG have agreed to further expand Glaspoort’s fiber optic network.

According to KPN, Glaspoort announced earlier this year that it would invest more than € 1 billion in the accelerated construction of approximately 1 million fiber connections in villages, small residential areas and business parks. Now 170,000 more connections will be added, bringing Glaspoort’s total to around 1.2 million connections in the Netherlands by 2026.

Commenting on the development, KPN CFO Ferry Niers said: “The additional 170,000 connections are a nice addition to our strong growth ambitions, but above all good news for consumers, who can therefore have a super-fast internet connection, reliable and durable via Glaspoort. Much sooner. With this additional investment, we are contributing to the accelerated digitization of the Netherlands and digital services and solutions for mobility, healthcare and work are becoming available to more and more consumers and businesses. We are opening the door to the digital future even further!

Since its creation last June, Glaspoort, which is a 100% Dutch joint venture between KPN and APG (the executive organization of the ABP pension fund) has launched various deployment projects in villages and centers, the deployment is taking place as expected and 19 service providers are now connected to the open network. The installation of fiber in industrial zones will start in the first quarter of 2022.

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