Latest iOS 15 Developer Beta Returns to Safari’s Dramatic URL Bar Makeover


One of the most interesting changes in iOS 15 beta is a radical overhaul of the Safari interface, which places a URL bar at the bottom of the page and incorporates classic browser navigation tools into it. As you can imagine, this is a controversial change.

iOS Beta 6 adds Safari’s gray lower navigation bar at the bottom and the URL bar is pinned to the bottom by default, but as confirmed by MacRumors reporter Sami Fathi, it’s normal on the screen. You have the option of placing it at the top. Tweet .. In the new layout, instead of the URL bar floating above the web page (disappearing when scrolling), the white field on a gray background contains the web address and the other white fields point to on the other side. It’s kind of like a clean tab. The layout provided by the iPad OS 15.

However, the latest beta 6 from developer iOS 15 would be able to undo these Safari changes to some extent and even reset the web address bar at the top of the screen. MacStories EIC Federico Viticci Tweet Displays an image showing the new Safari layout.

It’s only included in iOS Beta 6, which has just been released for developers, but it’s possible that the iPad OS 15 Beta 6 developer update, which is available at the same time, will also include this feature. Additionally, this feature debuts in Developer. Beta version. The first new settings have been added. It may not be included in the public beta for some time.

The backlash against the redesign isn’t unexpected, but it shows how enthusiastic users are about the consistency of the UI. The Safari version of iOS 15 beta 6 for developers feels like it’s going back to the design of iOS 14, but at least users are putting the URL bar at the bottom and more controls near the bottom. You will be able to move in stages. (As directed by Apple Maps).

The Safari redesign was one of the few new changes to iOS 15 Beta so far, but it was the most nasty. Apple obviously wants the URL bar closer to the user’s thumb, but it took me a while to get used to it, especially when it floats to the top of the page and disappears and reappears when scrolling.

Since it’s in beta, there’s no guarantee that Apple will use either version, but the company seems to be listening to beta users by not sticking to the idea of a floating URL bar. With the full release of iOS 15 in September, we’ll see if this drastic overhaul returns in a later beta.

The latest iOS 15 developer beta dates back to a drastic overhaul of Safari’s URL bar.

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  • Latest iOS 15 Developer Beta Returns to Safari’s Dramatic URL Bar Makeover
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