Let’s face it, Buffalo is awful to go through these 5 roundabouts


I don’t think there is another person on planet Earth who complains more than I do about stopping at red lights. My fiancee always asks me not to worry, but it’s the timed streetlights that always frustrate me.

You know them: there is no one around and the light turns on and then you turn on the next light … and the one just after.

It is especially bad to drive through the city of Buffalo when the majority of the lights are on. It’s not as bad in the suburbs, but yes, Niagara Falls Blvd., Transit Road, Southwestern Blvd. and Walden are also extremely frustrating.

Roundabouts do not have one. You don’t have to wait at a roundabout if there is no oncoming car.

However, roundabouts are not very common in western New York and because of this there can be a lot of confusion or just a lack of courtesy when it comes to crossing one.

For example, the number of cars that just don’t give in is astonishing. They don’t even pump the break – just straight ahead regardless of the world.

Then you have the polar opposite. Cars that stay there all day if there is a car in the roundabout, they don’t go.

There are a few roundabouts or circles that take me up the wall in Buffalo and western New York. Am I the only one?

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