Lockheed Martin, AT&T Demonstrate 5G High-Speed ​​Transfer of Black Hawk Data to 5G.MIL® Pilot Network

Technology has reduced data transfer time for military helicopters by more than 80%

Using 5G capabilities, network engineers transfer health and usage data from a Sikorsky UH-60M Black Falcon in Waterton, Coloradofor real-time analysis

STRATFORD, Conn., September 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) and AT&T* quickly and safely transferred the UH-60M Black Falcon health and usage data via AT&T 5G private cellular network and Lockheed Martin’s 5G.MIL® multi-site pilot network in a test carried out August 4 at Lockheed Martin headquarters in Sikorsky in Stratford, Connecticut. The test demonstrated that 5G wireless technologies on the flight line can support expedited maintenance operations and improve aircraft readiness to support our service members. It also demonstrated highly secure interoperability between AT&T’s private 5G millimeter-wave cellular network and the pilot 5G.MIL network.

“These widely deployed 5G capabilities are expected to enable secure, high-speed data transfer over virtually any line of flight, providing another example of how we are advancing our 21st Century Security’s vision in improving customer readiness and operations,” said Dan Rice, vice president of 5G.MIL programs at Lockheed Martin. “Working with 5G commercial leaders, an interoperable multi-site, multi-vendor 5G.MIL network is one step closer to reality.”

The AT&T 5G millimeter wave private cellular network wirelessly transferred data to the 5G.MIL network via ground support equipment from the The black hawk Integrated Vehicle Health Management System (IVHMS). The data was then routed to local Sikorsky networks for processing and distribution via the secure Lockheed Martin 5G.MIL pilot network to Waterton, Colorado5G test site.

Currently, it is necessary Black Falcon crews approximately 30 minutes to remove the IVHMS data cartridge from the helicopter, transport it to an operations center, and extract the data for analysis. Lockheed Martin has used AT&T 5G proprietary cellular technologies to reduce the time required to less than 5 minutes, including canister removal, demonstrating the potential time and cost benefits for military and commercial helicopter operations.

The IVHMS provides monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to ensure a more reliable aircraft. It monitors, captures and evaluates detailed data generated by aircraft as a result of flight maneuvers. It also captures aircraft limit exceedances on airframe and dynamic components and monitors the temperature and vibration of key aircraft components. It does this by using hundreds of onboard sensors that report the state of the aircraft by monitoring the airframe, engines and other dynamic components. Operators evaluate these thousands of data points to ensure the aircraft is safe, reliable and ready to fly.

The rapid and secure transfer and analysis of mission and operations data is critical to military readiness and effectiveness,” said Lance Spencer, Customer Executive Vice President, Defense, AT&T Public Sector and FirstNet. “This is one of many areas of 5G business innovation that we are exploring to support defence, commercial aviation and related areas where our 5G-related services can modernize legacy processes and help deliver truly transformational.”

Lockheed Martin and AT&T are also working with other leading networking and defense companies to modernize and transform defense communications capabilities. Future demonstrations are expected to further improve 5G wireless technology communication solutions for flight lines, aiming to continuously reduce aircraft turnaround times to reduce costs and improve military operational readiness. These widely deployed capabilities can support secure, high-speed data transfer over commercial and military flight lines.

AT&T’s 5G and Multi-Access Cellular Edge Computing (MEC) capabilities are being deployed together by several industrial customers in factories across the country where they enable ultra-fast and highly secure wireless information transfer and processing.

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