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Singapore, September 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MEXC exchange is excited to partner with Nervos Network for their next virtual hackathon NERVOS – ENLARGE THE SPECTRUM with Gitcoin. The event will start on September 10 and will last for three weeks.

Teams will build robust Layer 2 applications using the network’s integrated suite of solutions. Participants who successfully complete an application will be invited to deploy live to the Aggron test network. The winners will share a Gitcoin prize pool of $ 200,000.

There are no limits to what app developers can create. Essentially, project teams can develop Oracles, DAOs, DEXs, Guaranteed Stables, or anything else that is exciting and innovative.

MEXC will jointly promote the hackathon and offer potential investments and token lists for selected projects. The global exchange will work with other Nervos partners such as realDASystems, CoinGecko and Lay2dev to make the hackathon event a success.

Toni, the MEXC Research Manager, will be part of a panel of judges to evaluate all submissions and choose the winners. Judges will look for specific criteria such as market viability, originality and ease of use.

All participants must submit their submissions by October 4, 23:59 UTC. Judging is scheduled to take place October 5-8, while the winners will be announced on October 11. Each project should be open source and contain a short demonstration video and sufficient documentation to compile and deploy the application.

Nervos: the essential platform for the creation of universal applications

The Nervous Network has taken the blockchain industry by storm with its promise to introduce unparalleled interoperability between multiple ecosystems. The vast array of integrated network solutions can make decentralized applications universal and usher in a new era in blockchain evolution.

Nervos makes the dApp ecosystem easily accessible by allowing anyone to navigate universal applications from the chosen solution. Users can select the interface and cryptocurrency of their choice and stick to it while having access to the larger blockchain.

Development teams looking to build on a secure and sustainable network benefit from flexible code and industry-leading Layer 2 scaling solutions. They can also port dApps from anywhere with ease. and instantly access the entire blockchain ecosystem.

MEXC: a user-friendly encryption service provider

Global MEXC is a Singapore-based exchange offering the best crypto services such as spot, margin and options trading. Users can access high quality lists of trending coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

MEXC has a global user base of over 6 million in 70 countries. The exchange is constantly expanding its global reach by strategically working with some of the industry’s most exciting blockchain projects.

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