Microsoft reminds users that Internet Explorer is shutting down in June

Microsoft is once again reminding Internet Explorer users that the classic web browser is scheduled to shut down later this year, on June 15.


When many think of surfing the Internet from the early days of the World Wide Web, Internet Explorer is usually one of the first browsers that comes to mind for many who were around when the internet was just beginning. Microsoft’s flagship browser has stood the test of time even as Microsoft’s technology has rapidly advanced around it, with the most recent version of Internet Explorer announcing that new support would end for the platform in 2020. Now, as Microsoft’s attention shifts to the browser’s successor, Internet Explorer is rapidly entering its final days.


In the 27 years since the debut of Internet Explorer alongside the launch of Windows 95, the browser has had its ups and downs, growing from the most widely used Internet browser in the world to today, where the browser should be retired later this year. The current Deadline isn’t the first time Microsoft has floated the idea of ​​ending Internet Explorer, with the developer setting up Microsoft Edge as its successor. However, Microsoft has repeatedly stated since announcing the planned shutdown last year that it will honor the shutdown announced in June 2022 with recent warnings ahead for Internet Explorer users.

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Microsoft has again started notifying Internet Explorer users of the browser’s planned shutdown, with the platform set to be removed from modern Windows 10 machines on June 15 this year. The end of Internet Explorer comes as Microsoft has phased out the browser from its other platforms, with Xbox consoles running on Microsoft Edge and Valve’s Steam Deck even supporting Edge. While the shutdown announced in June specifically affects computers running Windows 10, Microsoft also announced plans to shut down Internet Explorer on machines still running Windows 7 and 8 in January.


While Internet Explorer’s penultimate shutdown is a sad end for one of the internet’s early icons, the browser has already been in decline for several years, and many who were still using the platform have switched to Microsoft Edge. The rise of other browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome has also contributed to the decline of the classic internet browser’s user base. Internet usage studies over the past few years have shown a steep decline in Internet Explorer usage, while Google has continued to establish a stranglehold on the browser industry, with Chrome consistently leading the way. usage charts.

The shutdown of Internet Explorer comes as Microsoft has been in the spotlight of the gaming world since the start of 2022. In January, Microsoft made waves in the gaming industry as the tech juggernaut acquired Activision Blizzard in part of a massive deal worth nearly $70 billion, and Xbox’s ‘Project Keystone’ leaks have sparked speculation from fans about a potential new console or hardware from the developer . Internet Explorer’s retirement next month will mark the end of an era not just for Microsoft as a company, but for the Internet as a whole.

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