Moon Knight star Ethan Hawke reveals his MCU ‘must-have resource’


Ahead of the Disney + Day launch earlier this month, the last time we checked in on Disney + and Marvel Studios’ Oscar isaac (Dune, “Star Wars VII-IX”) & Ethan hawke (Training day, the good Lord bird) – with a series of live action Knight of the Moon, it was mid-October and Isaac was explaining how filming the streaming series became an unprecedented experience. Now, we’re checking in with Hawke on the red carpet earlier tonight at the Gotham Awards in New York City. Talk with Variety, the acclaimed actor admitted it’s against his nature not to just openly discuss anything and everything he’s been working on – a big “no-no” in the MCU. That said, Hawke admitted that there was one “must-have resource” in his life that he knew he could trust and trust.

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Here’s a look at Hawke making the big reveal that his 19-year-old son is the only one who knows his father’s MCU secrets, while also serving as Hawke’s walking encyclopedia of Marvel Comics knowledge:

Joining Isaac and Hawke in the streaming series is Mai Calamawy (this is the one from Hulu Ramy), with Mohamed diab (Clash, Cairo 678) being joined by Justin benson and Aaron Moorhead (Infinity, Synchronous) in the circle of directors. Hawke is expected to portray the series’ main villain although it’s still unclear who that might be (another mercenary turned villain Bushman could be a possibility, but nothing has been confirmed). Here’s a look back at the first Instagram post showing Isaac in full training mode:

In an interview with The ring earlier this year, Hawke made it clear that three big reasons he chose to join the Moon knight the casting was his desire to work with Isaac and Diab (his first two), and that the series focused on one of Marvel Comics’ lesser-known superheroes (the reason for the “trifecta”). “Well that’s where I’m at as an actor. To be honest, I really like that Moon Knight is a lesser-known story and allows more creative freedom. The director is Mohamed Diab. and he’s a brilliant guy. I’ve seen a few of his movies and wanted to work with him anyway. I had a meeting with him about another of his projects. And a big part of it. is Oscar, to me, to be honest with you. I find him to be a very exciting player in my field. I love what he does with his life. He reminds me of actors, when I got to New York, which I admired, ”Hawke said during the interview.

Hawke continued, “Oscar is younger than me, and I love the way he behaves, and I love the way he thinks,” he continued. “And in general, good things happen when you’re in the room with people you like as they think, right? Mohammed is going to do a good job, he’s a serious person. I don’t know. if you’ve seen his movies but he’s a serious artist and you have to speak in your time, right? You can’t pretend you don’t live in the time you live in. You have to try improve your period. Here is an overview of the interview – with Moon knight speak from the mark 3:35:

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