NETPLWIZ eliminates the need to enter a password when logging on to Windows.


Question: Windows 10 prevents me from performing operations such as defragmenting, downloading programs and more with administrator rights. I think it has to do with my attempt to use the NETPLWIZ command in Windows 10 to avoid logging into the connection. I tried using the Windows Help suggestions and even asked some Guru friends for help, but they just told me I need to reinstall Windows 10. What can I do?

– Phil D., Port Saint Lucie

A: NETPLWIZ is a Windows command that, when enabled, removes the need for a particular user to enter a password when logging on to Windows.

To launch it, click on “search”, then type NETPLWIZ in the available space. In the search results, right click on the “Open” command related to this task and select “Run as administrator” to launch. From there, you can decide whether you want your system to prompt you for a password when Windows starts up or not via the checkboxes available.

It should be noted that having “administrator rights” means that a user has the ability (i.e. the privilege) to perform most, if not all, of the main functions of the system. operating system, including installing software, drivers and updates, as well as changing system settings, permissions for other users, and others.

It is not necessary to have or use these rights for most day-to-day tasks. However, and really, they should only be used if / when a user wants to make changes to the system that are not allowed with the usual permissions.

Often, if a system has only one user or login, that person’s account (when logged in) tends to automatically have administrator rights. If there are multiple accounts on a single computer, Windows usually allows you to select which one has administrator rights and which ones do not.

In some cases, Windows has been known to create duplicate accounts of a primary account and assign administrator rights to those second primary accounts instead of the one typically used by the owner.

This can be a possible cause of the situation mentioned here. In this case, you can deactivate the second primary accounts via the instructions found at this URL:

In other cases, administrator rights can be removed by running the NETPLWIZ command without administrator privileges to begin with, as this essentially signals the system to make administrator level changes to a user who does not have administrator rights – which in turn creates a conflict within the operating system.

One possible solution is to try adjusting your account settings through the “user account settings panel” so that you tell Windows to give your account back administrator rights. Instructions for doing so can be found at this URL:

Alternatively, if the above steps don’t work, you can try doing the same through the Windows IT management tool by following the instructions from the “track 3” subtitle at this URL:

Beyond that, the corruption created by this situation can only be resolved with a reinstallation of Windows as suggested by your gurus friends. You will find instructions on how to do this while keeping the data on your hard drive intact at this URL:

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