New resource center helps child care providers, serving the entire peninsula

SALISBURY, Md. — Child care providers will get a helping hand as financial aid from Salisbury University opens the doors to a new resource center.

A ribbon cutting was held Wednesday afternoon for the East Coast Child Care Resource Center by Maryland Family Network. It will provide training and mentoring services, help families find daycare, and improve learning environments for children.

Yet, according to director Leslie Sinclair, the help they provide doesn’t stop at the center. “Mentoring for child care providers involves visiting the classroom, talking to them about any questions they might have or trying new things in class. Maybe a new arrangement. So we have a lot. We are a one-stop-shop,” said ESCCRC Director Leslie Sinclair.

The centre’s resource room allows providers to obtain the materials they may need for their daily activities.

Additionally, the center has also changed its name, as a new license will allow it to support communities in all eight counties of the peninsula. Staff say this helps them extend their reach and provide a shoreline resource. “We reach out and ask them the same things. What didn’t you get? What did you wish you had? How can we meet those needs,” said program specialist Rosalie Merryweather.

“We need someone who knows who we are. What the demographics are. What are our needs? How are things different here on the shore than they may be elsewhere? The resource center is really attentive to the difference in needs.

Now, this center is located in the East Campus complex of SU. If you want to know more, call (410)-543-6650.

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