Nexus Box LLC takes integrated business solutions one step further for the modern entrepreneur

“We are a software development and marketing agency that solves the problems of modern businesses through unique and innovative solutions. “- Nexus Box LLC.

January 3, 2022 – HG Wells once wrote: “Adapt or perish, now as always, is nature’s inexorable imperative. These words ring more true than ever as everyone struggles to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing business landscape. Thriving in the e-commerce space now relies on the ability to adapt, innovate and deliver.

Winchester, Virginia-based Nexus Box LLC provides crucial support for entrepreneurs around the world to do just that – and more. Combining technical expertise with modern marketing strategies, Nexus Box develops innovative and creative ways for businesses to connect and engage with their target audience.

CEO and Founder Michael Savino leverages his nearly two decades of entrepreneurial experience in technology and marketing to lead his talented team of professionals to help bring businesses and people together across the web and beyond. of the. In just a few short years, the Nexus Box has implemented e-commerce systems as well as streamlined and driven sales and marketing operations for a multitude of customers. The company has also since developed an impressive portfolio of mobile applications and software products.

Nexus Box specializes in web development, specifically Magento e-commerce sites, and offers custom services including, but not limited to, building e-commerce sites from scratch; system maintenance and / or upgrades for Magento 1 and Magento 2 sites; and the migration of Magento 1 systems to more current e-commerce platforms such as Magento 2, WordPress or Shopify.

Beyond setting up e-commerce systems for success, Nexus Box enables customers to continue to grow and grow their business with ease by providing additional technical services such as web hosting (in partnership with hosting Nexcess), providing technical support, platform extensions and a mobile app. development for IOS and Android as well as branding and marketing services that include print design, illustrations, social media management, screen printing, embroidery and more.

Nexus Box expertly develops customized solutions and resources to meet each customer’s unique business requirements. More information is available at

About Michael Savino

Michael started his first business right out of college and has since started several businesses including Artisan Grafix, Koolbeenz Entertainment, PC Works, and Dream Art Studios. Now a family man with nearly 20 years of business acumen and knowledge in the marketing and e-commerce industries, he strives to continue to develop dynamic business solutions to help clients grow their businesses in the ever-changing market today.

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