Nick Offerman will play Bill in The Last of Us

Work continues on HBO’s The Last Of Us, and it feels like rarely a day goes by without a photo or clip from the set making its way online in some way. Earlier this week, a different kind of leak surfaced on the World Wide Web. This Ron Swanson fame Nick Offerman is part of the show. Murray Bartlett, who will play Frank in the TV adaptation, spoke about how much he enjoys working with Offerman on set.

Since Bartlett let the cat out of the bag, HBO has gone ahead and made it official, confirming who Offerman will play in the process. As reported by Variety, Offerman will play Bill. Bill is Frank’s partner in the first Last Of Us game, so it makes sense that Offerman and Bartlett played a lot together on set.

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There are two very interesting elements to this confirmation. First of all, the role of Bill would have already been chosen. Con O’Neill previously revealed he played Bill on the show. However, a scheduling conflict apparently forced him to resign, and Offerman stepped up. The other detail is about Bill’s role in the first game and how he’s almost definitely different on the show.

Although Bill and Frank are partners, the players never meet Frank, at least not while he’s still alive. While Bill helps Joel and Ellie find a car, the three find Frank hanged in an abandoned house. Bill reveals that the last time they spoke they fell out. Obviously, the series will deviate slightly from the game when it comes to Bill and Frank, with the couple having more screen time than in-game.


As for the cast, you can see above that HBO once again made the choice, even though Offerman was their second choice. Offerman joins Pedro Pascal who will play Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Merle Dandridge who had the opportunity to play Marlene, the character she voices in the game. ongoing and although it does not yet have an official start date, it still appears to be on track to be there by 2022.

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