NYT is now running Wordle under a new URL…fix user stats

(Pocket-lint) – Wordle, the online word puzzle that has exploded in popularity across the world, is now officially owned and operated by The New York Times.

Its creator, Josh Wardle, sold it a few weeks ago. Therefore, you can now access it via a new URL: https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html.

Although Wardle promised that the runs, percentages and guessed distributions would be preserved with the sale and transition to The New York Times, many users reported issues. In fact, Pocket-lint reporters noticed that their match streaks now show as “1” even though they won multiple matches in a row, which means there is clearly something wrong with how player statistics are transferred from the old version to the new one. Previously, The New York Times said it will automatically transfer your game stats to Wordle’s new home on The New York Times Games, with nothing you need to do.


This is what a New York Times FAQ Page now indicates how stats transfer should work:

“We’ve automatically moved your game stats to Wordle’s new home on New York Times Games. If your data is a little different than what you remember, first make sure you’re opening the game on the same device and browser you’ve used previously. Your game data is stored locally on your browser and your stats will automatically transfer over without any further action on your part. For a number of Verge writers, this hasn’t been the case. Some have clicked on the stats button to see a completely clean slate, without You can see how many games they’ve played and their winning percentage, but their streak looks like it’s been reset And one of our lucky staff members has experienced a peaceful transition of power, keeping his streak and stats.”

The New York Times has since tweeted that it has identified the problem and is working on a fix.

The newspaper also made some slight changes to the game. The sans serif font in the title now looks very NYT. There’s also a new menu in the left corner that you can open to access other New York Times games. And, obviously, Wordle’s Twitter help and links are now open to The New York Times’ own accounts instead of creator Josh Wardle’s.

Written by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Rik Henderson.

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