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It was an impressive sight in Hudson on September 11th.

Dozens and dozens of fire trucks, including United Fire and Rescue, emergency vehicles and police vehicles, lined up near the new Hudson Fire Department to participate in an emergency race. Public safety vehicles would then board I-94, then cross the bridge and drive to Minnesota.

Seeing fire trucks from across western Wisconsin and Minnesota come together and the support people have shown on overpasses and along highways has indicated that this country may not be as divided as it is. lets believe it.

More Sports Online Part 2

Well, it happened again. The never-ending battle between advertising copy and news / sports copy in the print product hit me again.

After last week’s disaster of not having the reports of five sports between Baldwin-Woodville and St. Croix Central in the newspaper and only online, I tried to tell myself to write a more condensed version for each. sport, so that others can appear.

The results were better, but not 100%. This time only four sports roundups will be online only.

So, for those wondering what the results of Baldwin-Woodville Women’s Tennis and Women’s Golf are with St. Croix Central Men’s Football and Soccer, please check out our website later this week.

I guessed qwertuiop and I was right. The response indicated that computer programmer Ray Tomlinson was working on a precursor to the Internet, called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), when he created a simple way to send text messages between computers. Tomlinson didn’t recognize the meaning of the first email and simply typed the top line on his keyboard.

As I felt confident I clicked on the next question and it said: Where was the World Wide Web first developed?

I guessed NASA and even though that was the most popular answer, they said it was incorrect. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), located on the Franco-Swiss border, is one of the leading nuclear physics research sites in the world. In 1989, scientist Tim Berners-Lee came up with the idea of ​​a network of connections between computers to allow scientists to share their data. The invention of the World Wide Web paved the way for the modern Internet

Questions, questions, questions

This is something I don’t know and has a good answer to.

Due to our daily schedules and our proximity to the Hudson area, our family is usually there at least once a week ordering food from the dozens of restaurants available.

Most often, this is usually a pickup. On the bill, there is a place for a tip.

When restaurants were closed last year and pickups were their only source of income, no doubt, absolutely, a tip was warranted. But now, with most restaurants back to normal at full capacity, tipping seems extra when you choose the just pickup option to save on delivery costs. Except for this reason alone, I left it empty most of the time.

Finally, another question to which I do not have a good answer …

How can an NFL kicker have more consistency on goals over 50 yards than he does between 30 and 39 yards?

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