Omicron URL Google Delays Mandatory Return of Office January 10, 2022 Amid Omicron Fears

New Delhi: Tech giant Google has delayed plans to remind office workers of the original January 10 target as fear of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus looms. These are Google’s workforce based in the United States and other countries, media reported.

The tech giant had previously decided to be flexible with the date of return to power, but was keen to make Jan 10 the target, according to a Business Insider report.

Another report mentioned that Google had postponed the January 10 deadline to resume duties in Europe, Africa and the Middle East also because of Omicron’s concerns. Earlier in August, when the Delta variant of the coronavirus was a big concern, Google extended its voluntary return to office program until January 10, after which Google said it would let locations decide when to end the voluntary work. at home, depending on local conditions.

Google has already made several changes to its return-to-work plans as the pandemic has progressed.

At the beginning of last month, Apple decided to recall its employees as part of a new hybrid plan that will take effect from February 2022. Now that the fear of Omicron is looming, Apple is also expected to postpone its plan.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had said earlier that company employees would be required to report to the office one to two days a week for the first month. Starting in March, the tech giant will be implementing a hybrid work plan, media reported.

Referring to an internal memo sent to staff by the company’s CEO, Apple wants staff to return to their offices on February 1 to begin a “hybrid work pilot.” The tech giant had previously offered two weeks of remote work per year, but added two more weeks to give “more opportunities to travel, be closer to loved ones or just shake up your routines,” according to the internal note. Employees will come to the office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and will be able to work from home on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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