OSU joins the “Welcome Campus Network” to help Afghan refugees

Two Oklahoma universities are teaming up with one goal: to help Afghan refugees settle in Oklahoma. The University of Tulsa and Oklahoma State University are part of a national campaign.

TU and OSU are two of the 32 universities of the “Welcome Campus Network”. OSU’s Randy Kluver said Oklahoma has always been a state full of immigrants and it’s important to lend a helping hand.

“We are proud to be among the leaders in terms of the number of people we help, in terms of the scale of the effort and how the whole campus community has come together around it, including the students, ”said Randy Kluver, vice-president and dean of global studies and partnerships.

OSU’s Welcome Campus Network will host refugees until next summer.

“We are opening empty housing, international student housing. Due to COVID, many students could not arrive and therefore we have empty housing that we are making available, ”he said.

These families will have access to the school bus network, the library and technological resources.

“We are creating an intensive English program for evacuees, so that they have the opportunity to truly learn English and then integrate into communities,” Kluver said.

Kluver said that attending the Welcome Campus Network is also good for students as they engage in global affairs.

“They understand the meaning. Many of them gave of their time and effort, and they donated household goods for their families and so on, ”he said.

The university is also considering scholarships.

“We are looking to create scholarships that are endowed for evacuees upon their arrival. Many of them will be young children and eventually want to go to college. We would love to see them come back to the state of Oklahoma, ”Kluver said.

Of the 40 families coming to Stillwater, 25 will stay on the OSU campus.

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