Panthers 2021 season opener countdown: 64 days left


We’re only 64 days away from the start of the 2021 Panthers season, but who should we be talking about today with anyone on the roster wearing that jersey number? It would be none other than Forest Orion ‘Mick’ Mixon III, the Panthers’ own radio playman and versatile host.

Mick Mixon’s suave tones have guided Panthers loyalists through events big and small for 16 years, after leaving the Tarheel Sports Network to become the Panthers’ playing player in 2005. Although known for a loose vocabulary that has Allowed him to offer him insightful insight into the losing and Super Bowl seasons, Mixon also had the opportunity to prove both a devoted Panthers fan and in love by introducing Matt Rhule at the introductory press conference of the head coach and playing host Thomas Davis and Greg Olsen’s joint retirement ceremony.

Mixon announced earlier this year that 2021 is going to be his ultimate season as the voice and spirit behind the squad’s radio calls. He’s moving to a farm in the upstate (in a highly non-metaphorical way), and all of us here at Cat Scratch Reader can’t wish him better luck in a well-deserved retirement.

The team has a big costume to fill with Mixon’s departure and they know it. The Panthers have been quietly auditioning former fan favorites to take their place for some time now. These auditions have included aging stars from the team’s historic past like Jordan Gross, Jake Delhomme and, most recently, Steve Smith. Only time will tell if anyone can live up to the sparkling reputation of the man they will have to try to replace.

Go ahead, Panthers fans, ring in the comments with your favorite Mick Mixon quote. It’s like picking out the perfect blade of grass to kick, but that kick might as well be for your own World Wide Web when you find it. It’s electric.

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