Resource Officers assisting high risk areas

CRAWFORDVILLE FLA, (WTXL) — After a year of planning, the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office has launched a new initiative. This new program, Four-Person Crime Suppression Unit, falls under WCSO’s Special Operations Division. They will select certified school resource officers and assign them to specific risk areas. This is intended to help prevent crime and provide the flexibility to release other officers into these patrol areas.

Public Information Officer Lt. Jeffrey Yarbrough says, “Generally in the summer we see an increase in vehicle burglars against property in particular and having a unit that is not related to the Answering calls or a specific part of the county or a set schedule kind of lets them choose where they do their app and catch crime before it becomes a problem.

As for areas that will be targeted for additional parole and prevention, Lt. Yarbrough says they have a few ideas in mind.

Yarbrough says, “This is a targeted app for all the needs the county can see. We know there are drugs in this county, and we’re doing everything we can to stop it, so being able to target high drug use areas is one of the unit’s priorities.

Teen Center owner Jessie Ransom works with many age groups throughout the community where he hopes to help children stay out of trouble and provide them with new opportunities. He believes this new program is a great idea to help keep things under control.

Jessie Ransom says: “They see the same resource worker who is in school with them, they get out of that – it makes it a lot easier for that kid because they’re dealing with familiarity, they’re dealing to people they know.”

Officers are optimistic that this additional surveillance will deter crime in the area.
New crime-fighting unit set to start June 1st.

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