Resource transition in 2022


By VanEck

The investment landscape for global resources is changing as the global economy strives to balance sustainability with the needs of a growing population. We take a closer look at the transformation underway and what it means for investors in our Resource transition in 2022 to study.

The supply of key minerals for renewable energy technologies is one of the most critical issues today in the context of the shift away from fossil fuels, but the resource transition extends far beyond the ‘energy. It expands to all sectors to include agriculture, land use markets, food production and more as companies seek innovative solutions to access, produce, distribute, consume and optimize the use of land. goods and services.

The transition of resources is underway, although still in its early stages, and is currently progressing in a favorable economic context which places more emphasis on the opportunities in this space. Commodity prices remain high and, as we noted earlier, in times of moderate and sustained inflation and positive growth, global resources historically outperform other asset classes.

For an in-depth analysis of the resource transition and how we believe it is creating and driving investment opportunities for years to come, sign up for access to full Resource transition in 2022 to study. Topics include:

  • The favorable macro environment
  • Opportunities fueled by resource transition
  • Reflect the transition of resources in investment portfolios
  • Access the opportunity

Originally posted by VanEck on Nov 5, 2021.

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