Rihanna published an article about her new lipstick before her pregnancy

Rihanna is having a hell of a week, and rightly so!

The Bad Gal is expecting her first child with A$AP Rocky, an announcement that sent the World Wide Web into a rapturous frenzy. Now, Barbados’ national hero has revealed another (though less monumental) development: a new line of lipsticks under her makeup imprint, Fenty Beauty.

Fenty Icon (presumably named after Rih) is a semi-matte, semi-gloss lipstick that has the artist’s favorite vanilla peach scent. Available in 10 shades, the lipstick is packaged in a refillable tube, a handy feature for those who crave makeup.

The crown jewel of the release, which is slated for release on February 4, is a blue-red shade dubbed The MVP, a universally flattering crimson that took nearly a year of testing to perfect.

Other shade options include Scholar Sista (a nude pink), Grill Mast’r (brick red), She a CEO (mauve-brown), and Board Memb’r (burgundy red).

Worth $2.8 billion, Fenty Beauty usually stands out when it comes to new products – prime examples include Stunna Lip Paint and Pro Filt’r Foundation, one of first liquid foundations offered in a truly inclusive range. of shades.

Already, the star’s lipstick announcement has garnered millions of views and kudos – along with a slew of fans pointing out that still-boss Rih posted about her new venture ahead of her future child. (okay, a man probably wouldn’t receive the same kind of review).

Nothing but respect for the Bad Gal, her baby and her new lipstick. Keep doing you, Rih!

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