Schools in Kershaw County will have officers in each school with a grant

Superintendent Shane Robbins said it was a necessary precaution to keep students safe.

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC – Kershaw County is making history for keeping children safe, as officials are now reporting that all county district campuses now have school resource officers.

The plan came when Superintendent Shane Robbins and Sheriff Lee Boan applied for a state grant to help fund the officers.

“This allowed us to hire two more ORSs in our school district,” he said. “For us, these were the last two people we needed to have an ORS assigned to each of our sites.”

Robbins said it was a necessary precaution to keep students safe.

“No one expects or can predict when an abusive situation may arise,” Robbins said. “It was essential, you know, to be able to do that in each of our sites.”

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He added that it should help calm the mind, especially for parents who might be worried about their students.

“There are parents who encouraged him, you know, do we have this police presence in our schools? Robbins said.

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This is something Robbins is also hoping to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community, adding that it’s a great opportunity to expose young children to law enforcement.

He added that there is no direct situation or increased violence that led to the decision.

“We don’t see this as a school police force as much as we consider it because they are there to help and assist,” he said.

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